Turn Your Android Smartphone into a CCTV Camera.

If You are looking for a simple way to find a good use of your Old Smartphones then you are at the right place. we’ve got a way to set up a project that you can do without too much time or effort.You can turn Your smartphone into a CCTV Camera. I’ll do this by using IP Webcam.


There are many reasons why you might want a security camera in your Home

Installing a simple CCTV is Pretty Expensive, though, not something most people can do by themselves.But Using an Old smartphone is Cheap and You Can Do It By yourself.

All You Need is an old smartphone or Tablet and a Wifi Router.


  • So the first thing You have to do is Install IP WEBCAM in your phone from here, or you can simply search for it on Google Play Store.

  • After Installing, Open It  
  •  Scroll Down And You will find Start Server. Click on that.

Make Sure that Your phone is connected to that router which is connected to a different Device (In which you will stream )

  • After Clicking on Start Server You will find an address.


Open this Address on another device and You will find This-

By clicking on Flash in Video Renderer section You will Able to see the Stream.

Similarly, by clicking on Flash on Audio Player Section You Will hear the Audio.

You Can Also access your camera from anywhere Using Ivideon.

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