Top 5 New Features of Android O

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, and now O. We are almost at the half way and this all began on November 5, 2007, with the release of Android Alpha. No Doubt Goggle is moving pretty fast. The Developer Preview of Android O is out now and we do have a logo but we don’t have a name for this Android Version. Maybe we can guess it will be Oreo but I’m not sure.Well, Here I’m sharing Top 5 New Features of Android O.

Top 5 New features of Android O-

5. The Lockscreen Customization-

You know that there are Lockscreen shortcuts If You swipe up from left to open the Voice Recorder or swipe up from right to open the Camera. This feature lets you change the shortcuts to any other app from the System UI Tuner. If there is any app which you open a lot, then You can change the shortcut to that app.

4. Contextually Aware Text Selection Dialog-

It’s actually a terrible name but its really cool. You know whenever we select text in Android we get a couple of options like copy, cut, paste, select all. But now the selector is contextually aware So now if you select an address then a Google Maps link will appear and you can hop right to Google Maps from that selection or if you select a phone number it shows a link to call that number immediately.

3. Customization With The Navigation Buttons-

This feature is also found in the System UI Tuner. You can now choose between a Compact which puts the buttons in the middle or left leaning or right leaning set of buttons so people with big phones and small hands will find that easier to reach from one side with one-handed use and you can also add an extra button on the bottom that will stay permanently there, for example, a clipboard button.

2. The New Notifications Panel-

This feature is a visual one and you will notice the icons and the quick settings are now little bit cleaner. There are some new icons too. But check out the sick new animation which reveals the icons as you swipe down and that is pretty awesome and then you have a couple of new notification function. The First is the battery percentage is now revealed with one swipe instead of two and the second is that you can do a half swipe over a notification to snooze notifications from specific apps for some time.

1. The New Settings App-

The new settings app is a lot cleaner. The old settings app was a bit overwhelming with the sidebar and the tons of settings but now its a lot simpler looking and it’s a much shorter list and the slideout menu is gone. Overall it is a shorter top-level list but you can still dive more into the actual settings or just use the search bar just to get the stuff faster


And that’s it these were the top 5 New Features of the new Android O

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