IOS 11: Specifcations, Best Features and Much More

Quick Information about IOS 11-

  • The IOS 11 was introduced on June 5, 2017, at the Worldwide Developers Conference with many interesting updates.
  • IOS 11 brings new interface elements, new fonts, new looks of calculator and Phone Apps.
  • The Lock Screen and Control center has been entirely changed.
  • Siri has now a more natural-like voice and more faster and Helpful than ever. Now it also can translate languages like English to German.
  • For iPads, IOS 11 comes with a new dock at bottom of the display, it’s now easy to switch between apps. For those who have Apple Pencil, IOS 11 does more for you like now several Apps like Mail and Notes Supports inline Drawing.
  • And For both iPhones and iPads, There’s now a new Files App For Managing Files.
  • There are also many new Keyboard Features like “Flick” Option for Typing numbers and symbols more quickly, one-handed keyboard on iPhone and Much More
  • Portrait Mods and Live Photos on Camera app were also Improved.
  • The App-Store has been completely changed in IOS11 and there are now sections for apps, games and a new “Today” section.

Those were some Quick information about IOS11 and now Here a Detailed Information about Each of the New Updates.

The New App Store in IOS 11

Well, it’s the same app store but it got a huge visual fresh. so when you will open the App Store you will see the Today Section which will highlight some apps which were made today. and also now it has a dedicated Games and Apps section which looks more Interesting.

The Siri Improvements


So now Siri is a lot faster and marginally more helpful. first of all, now you can do live translations and also you can edit what you said so now you can modify your question.

As part of enhancements to Apple Music, Siri is able to learn your music tastes and instantly bring up content you’ll like when you ask Siri to play some music. Siri is also able to answer Music-related Trivia in iOS 11, like “Who is the drummer in this song?”

The New Control Centre

The control center is almost changed like I’ve said before and now it is Full Screen and You can add toggles to it.

Just go to the settings and you can add, subtract or rearrange as many of the toggles in whatever order you want. also now the brightness and volume slider are way easier Now you don’t have to go sideways and also you can 3d touch any toggles and get a way finer control on a bigger scale and sometimes with more options appearing which is awesome!

The Best part is that now you can record your screen without any cables and even turn the microphone audio on and off with the circle button of the Control Centre of IOS11

The Visual Overhaul

Now there are so many new little things that are visually different in IOS 11. There are many minor kinds of stuff like now you will see bars at the top for your signal instead of the dots and a couple of new icons like the new calculator, the new iTunes Store icon which is now more simpler and more cleaned up.

The new lock screen buttons are now Glossy and clean and the dock at the bottom of the home screen doesn’t have any labels anymore and there are a lot of new animations like while waking up the Phone with the power button. there is also a new font in IOS 11

The Way IOS 11 Handles Screenshots

Screenshots in IOS 11 were pretty simple before like you take a simple screenshot and it goes to the gallery but in IOS11 you take a screenshot and it floats down to the corner where you can take action on it whenever you want. Just tap into it and it expands and gives you the mark- up tools, circle stuff and highlight stuff or do whatever you want with that before sharing also you can take multiple screenshots.

For iPads-

Ios 11 in iPads

The New Dock in IOS 11

Before Ios 11, The dock was only accessed from the Home Screen but Now You can use it in any App Screen By pulling up. It is helpful like now you can switch between your favourite apps more quickly.

The App Switcher

The App switcher can be accessed by double tapping the Home Button, as it was before. It is similar to the spaces app on the MAC it displays dock and some tiles of apps that are open.

Other IOS 11 Features-

There are much a minor kinds of stuff like you can now click and drag multiple icons on the home screen and put them together and move them all to a new page at the same time there is alco now a file app for looking through and organize all the files on your device and there will be person-to-person payments through iMessage and Apple Pay which isn’t available yet in this version but still seems like it will be pretty useful

Drive More Safely With IOS 11

The Do Not Disturb Has Now expanded with the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” Feature which mutes all the notifications and even responds to any incoming messages with a quick note which lets people know that you are in a car.

Indoor on Apple

The next update comes with the now indoor feature on  “Maps”. This time you will get detailed maps of many airports and Malls around the World

IOS 11 Deletes Apps Automatically

The new IOS 11 is going to delete apps which you never use. It’s a feature called “Offload Unused apps”. Well Actually when You will run on Low Storage, This feature will delete the apps which you haven’t used from months. But still, you can restore the deleted app. So for 16 GB iPhone Users, this will be pretty helpful.

So overall I would say,’This is a preety Big Update’. And let me know what’s your favorite update is? In the comment section below!

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