How to Use android device as a secondary monitor for your PC

There is no doubt that a secondary monitor can increase your productivity, but not everyone needs a secondary monitor.If you do and want to turn your android device into a secondary display, you are at the right place.Here I will Tell you How.
I Recommend to use Android Tablet but if you really want to use a phone, It will work with that too.
For this, You will need Two Things-
1. Space desk for android.
2.Space desk Driver For Windows 
Once You Have downloaded these things, getting into it is very easy.
First, install space desk on your android. and then on your PC.
Step 1– Install Space desk on Your Android.
  You can simply search it on Google Play Store or Just click here.

Step 2- Install Space desk On Your PC
          Download Space desk From Here and Install It
Step 3 – Connect Your PC and Android In Same Network and open space deck on your android, It will detect your PC automatically and Then Just Click on Connect. And it will start working.
 If your computer is not found automatically, you’ll have to Un-mark the box next to “Auto Network Search,” then enter your computer’s local IP address manually. 
If you don’t know your local IP address Just click on this lin
And Copy the Number written on the blue box
After clicking on Connect in the android app You will see Your PC screen is extended to the Android Device 
If You like to just mirror Your Primary Monitor Instead of extending it You can do it by 
going to Settings>System>Display and use the drop down Window To change and click on Apply

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