How to make a Perfect Youtube Channel Art 2017(Using Canva)

Channel Art in Youtube is one of the Most Important things To Attract Your Viewers. It makes Your Channel looks more attractive and Professional.

There are many ways for making an Awesome Youtube Channel Art like I’ve Shown Before in this Article. But in that article, I have user Fotor to make that Channel Art which was pretty decent but now in this article, I will be using Canva to make a perfect Youtube channel art.

Follow These Steps to Make a perfect Youtube Channel Art

  1. Head over to Canva by clicking this link or directly entering in your browser. Make sure to Open Canva in PC because it isn’t supported in smartphones.
  2. Now You have to Sign Up for Canva. Sign Up using Google or Facebook for faster signing up.How to make Youtube Channel Art
  3. After Signing up, You will see many things to create a logo, posters, e.t.c. You can create all those kinds of stuff but here we will make an awesome Youtube Channel Art so, for that click on “More Design Types”
  4. Now You scroll down to “Social Media and Email Headers” section and There You will find “Youtube Channel Art”. Click on that and you will see an editor
  5. Here You will find Youtube Channel Art. Besides this, you can also find other interesting pieces of Graphic Design
  6. Click on the Youtube channel Art and it will open the editor
  7. Now in the editor, you will find a lot of things like pre built layouts, both free and premium stock photos, elements. You can use them and make your perfect channel art.

Now the best part of Canva is that it is fully free if you will not use any premium images and layouts. And You can make many types of Graphical Designs like for Social media banners, Cover for a book, Thumbnails, Infographic and much more! So, make sure to check all the stuff.

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