Clash of Lights Download APK (Mediafire)

Clash of lights Private server?

Clash of Lights is a Clash of Clans Private Server that came out a couple of months ago. And this private server is really amazing. It has a lot of features like unlimited resources (elixir, gold and dark elixir) so you can do many things with that. The server runs almost everytime. The game runs without lagging and if you find any connection issues then just restart the game and it will be fine then or just play it later.

Here You will find the Apk for the Clash of lights game.


  • Mostly Online
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Private Server
  • Modded



Download APK


For Installation, it is like every other apk. Just download the apk from the given link and install it. Make sure unknown resources are turned on in the settings.

This Game is not Sponsored or approved by Supercell. So Supercell is not responsible for anything.

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